August 24, 2015

One easy fix to get more market commentary readers

When the market is down, you must communicate all over town, or at least to your shareholders.

Today, I've received emails and read Twitter posts from money managers that tell me to stay calm and stay the course. Unfortunately, in many cases, their opinions and messages are buried under their bland headlines such as "Special Market Update, "XYZ Investments Market Commentary" or "ABC Capital News."

These managers could likely earn more readers and interest if they led with one opinion on a timely topic, like the currently volatility, or a question that the content will answer.

Here are two strong headlines from my Twitter feed today.

Note If I didn't want asset managers to read this post, I would have titled it, "FundFactor August 24th Update."

My friend and writer Susan Weiner wrote about this issue last year. You can read the full article here.

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