September 26, 2008

Financial Marketers: Your clients need you!

by Michael Ellison
The past 10 days or so have clearly been turbulent ones for the financial services industry. Indeed, once the dust settled on an historically disastrous week for the markets, the investment banking industry as we know it had vanished, three major insurance companies were owned by the government and investor confidence had been broken seemingly beyond repair. Countless individuals were left jobless with shattered investment portfolios that were once expected to carry them into retirement.
Figuring out how to recover from this mess is the job of the policy wonks in Washington and the executive teams of the industry’s firms. Restoring trust in the markets and company brands for retail financial consumers, however, falls on the shoulders of financial marketers, product managers and corporate communications departments. A swift, convincing response is essential as firms look to preserve their client base and maintain a strong reputation that can help bring in new business.
As our clients and readers know, we are uniquely positioned to see how the industry has responded to this challenge. With accounts at over 100 firms across the financial landscape, we have witnessed the response first hand and have just released a report to all of our clients about how firms have performed. (If you are not a client but are interested in the report, please let us know – there’s no charge for it).
Click here to see some highlights from the 101 websites we reviewed.

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