September 18, 2015

MFWire: 11 Lessons for Fundsters, Courtesy of the Donald

MFWire gave our recent Donald Trump story some love today. Today's story "urges fund executives to pay attention to what the Donald is up to" drawing "11 lessons from Trump's presidential campaign so far."

Click for the MFWire article covering our original Donald Trump story.

Morningstar: It pays to be passive

Morningstar: Both U.S. and International markets were down in August as the financial environment remains unsteady. China’s devaluation of its currency added another worry for investors who are already concerned about high valuations, a six-year bull run, and potential rising interest rates in the U.S.

Despite the dive that the stock market took, though, investors have held their course rather than flocking to safer investments. Taxable-bond flows continued to see large outflows on the active side. Passive taxable-bond funds saw only the smallest of inflows. Only alternative category active funds experienced any inflows among actively-managed funds. Meanwhile, every passively managed category except sector equity received inflows.

U.S. equity flows remained negative overall, while International-equity flows remained positive, though neither to the extent shown over past months.

For Morningstar’s full report on U.S. Asset Flows in August, please click here.

September 17, 2015

How to develop and deliver compelling messages to strengthen distribution

Two fund managers helped me lead a session at the recent Cohen client conference.
"What's happening in China?"
"Will Apple stock take off again?"
"What do you think the Fed will do with interest rates?"
The managers thoughtfully answered the questions. They sounded smart and appeared confident in their answers.
But their answers didn't tell me or the audience anything about their strategies or how they were making money now. How can their answers position them as more than a talking head?

September 16, 2015

How to get rid of growth problems once and for all

Some firms just never change.

It's problematic to deal with strategic issues over and over without actually fixing them. Yet, this happens all the time.

Here are four typical problems and easy (yeah right!) fixes if firms change their mindset.

September 15, 2015

MME: What was the correction's toll on funds?

man with a shield, protecting
What should fund firms do to protect their customers now?
This is the time for firms to take command of their brand and maintain a line of open communication. In the article, I made four recommendations:
  • Sales people should be working double duty,
  • Call centers should be prepared for talking with nervous investors,
  • Portfolio managers should spend time taking to clients, media, working with marketing departments - to create videos, webinars, content - to show they are sticking to their disciplined process and still in charge, if this is in fact true,
  • Continue to manage money. 
Click here for the full article.