February 5, 2016

What fund marketers can learn from Super Bowl ads

kevin hart super bowl.jpgThere’ll be a lot of people planning to watch Superbowl 50, and you may be one of them – if so, you can stop reading. But, if you think you’ll miss the new commercials, which seem to take on a life of their own in the creativity department, take a look at the link below.

I’m not trying to hype football or any of the products shown. What I am calling to your attention is that these 1 minute segments during the Superbowl are a lot like your firm’s 5 minutes of fame in the media – quick and fleeting.

So, what can you learn? If you’re interviewed by or mentioned in the media, take the time to share the video clip or article (after compliance ok) on your website and by sending emails to your prospects and clients. Get more mileage than the one quick hit on game day.

Enjoy  some of the top commercials 

And read a comprehensive story on CNBC.com questioning why Super Bowl ads warrant $5 million per clip.
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by Marilyn Dale

Report: 10 ways to calm your nervous investors

Investors are nervous. Fund firms have to communicate more and perhaps differently with advisors and investors. That was the finding in our recent client roundtable held last week. 

In this report, learn what concerns fund firms are hearing, what their messages are and how best to communicate to keep your clients longer.

Click for the full report.

February 3, 2016

Tell your story to dozens of journalists at the same time

New York City media event for Undiscovered Mutual Fund managers:
  • Tell your story to dozens of journalists at the same time
  • Earn media coverage
  • Build relationships
Watch the video.

For more information, contact Dan Sondhelm at 703-894-1046 for more information.

January 27, 2016

RSVP for today's webinar on communicating with clients during volatile times

We invite you to join your peers for a Roundtable Conversation. We'll discuss  best practices for communicating with investors and advisors during this volatile market period. 

   Best Practices:
   Communicating During Volatility
   Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016
   4:15 pm to 4:45 pm ET
   Webinar format

In this 30-minute moderated discussion, you can share with and learn from participating SunStar Strategic clients. 

The Roundtable will provide actionable ideas to help alleviate your investors' concerns. 

January 18, 2016

Morningstar: Strong December Flows Despite 2015 Outflows

Morningstar reported estimated U.S. mutual fund and ETF asset flows for December and full-year 2015. 

Highlights from Morningstar's report about U.S. asset flows:
  • U.S. equity funds topped all category groups with inflows of $16.8 billion in December but ended 2015 with net outflows after two years of net inflows. International-equity funds led all category groups in terms of highest inflows for the calendar year, collecting $207.6 billion.
  • Taxable-bond funds sustained the worst outflows by category group in December, $29.0 billion, most of them driven by the high-yield category. The turbulence created by Third Avenue Management's announcement that it would liquidate its high-yield bond fund, Third Avenue Focused Credit, without allowing investors to redeem their shares right away, along with decreasing oil prices, led to December outflows of $11.2 billion for the category, the third-largest monthly outflow since 1993 when Morningstar's data began.
  • With a few exceptions, active funds suffered while their passive counterparts reaped the majority of inflows in December and throughout 2015. In December, two of only three firms with inflows to actively managed funds were those that specialize in the passive side of the business—Vanguard and State Street.
  • Franklin Templeton suffered heavy outflows in December, with two of the firm's fixed-income offerings leading the list of active funds with the highest outflows. Templeton Global Bond and Franklin Income had outflows of $2.2 billion and $1.7 billion, respectively.
To view the complete report, please visit http://www.global.morningstar.com/decflows15.