September 17, 2011

Undiscovered channel to target at Schwab

by Dan Sondhelm

Although most fund companies are on the Schwab platform, flows don't necessarily follow. That’s why it’s important to know how to navigate the Schwab platform to cost-efficiently get in front of their audiences who can buy your funds.

Bill Thomas
Most firms consider the retail, advisor, or even retirement channels. But don’t forget one undiscovered channel that Schwab offers.

Firms like JP Morgan, Baird, and SEI private label Schwab’s mutual fund platform for their own use. So if you are on Schwab, you are also on these firms that may offer opportunities to get in front of their customers.

According to Bill Thomas, former chief of the Schwab platform, who spoke at Huntington Asset Services client conference, “Schwab provides the back office plumbing to other firms. And that creates opportunities for you.”

Other firms that clear through Schwab include Scottrade, Primevest, Mesirow, Curian, and Ameriprise.

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