October 6, 2014

Write a financial book to be the authority

Scott Peppard’s passion is sharing his very simple and powerful message: write a book and you become the default expert on the topic at hand. SunStar Strategic’s Melissa Murphy saw Scott’s presentation about establishing credibility as an expert at the Ceros Financial Services national conference and he graciously offered the following insight.
Why do you believe that writing a book is such a powerful tool to differentiating oneself?
People often express to others that a person is an expert by saying in awe, “He wrote the book on it.” Get published and people will believe you’re the authority.

As a book author, what experiences have you had in association with your book that have led to growth of your business?
The benefits of writing a book are multifold. First, it opened doors to new business and opportunities that were previously closed. Second, it started the referral machine – again, to new business opportunities. Third, it enabled me to attract new clients. Forth and finally, being an expert as a book author provided media opportunities to share my story and expertise on radio, television and other print media.  
Practically speaking, what advice do you have for someone considering writing a book and how does one go about publishing in today’s digital world?
The steps I recommend are as follows:
  • Decide the purpose
  • Decide the topic
  • Decide the book title
  • Select ten chapter titles
  • Draft a bullet-point outline for each chapter
  • Find a transcription service to translate your spoken thoughts and ideas into written words
  • Self-publish
Scott Peppard began his career in 1985 with Thomson McKinnon Securities. He is the author of The Book on Making it as a Broker and managing partner of NAVCAP – a marketing firm focused on distribution for high-quality, yet undiscovered asset managers. Scott, a Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor, also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics from UC Santa Barbara.
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