October 30, 2012

Congratulations to three long-time clients...

We're proud to be associated with so many Stars! Congratulations to three of SunStar Strategic's long-time clients: Hennessy Funds, Huntington Funds and Ridgeworth Invesmements. 

Last week at the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA)Conference, three of our good friends went home with STAR Awards that recognize excellence in mutual fund marketing and communications. These annually presented awards are a prestigious recognition of companies in the fund industry who excel in marketing, education and communications for shareholders, advisors, plan participants and the investing public.
Hennessy Funds were recognized in the Wild Card category- small companies for their 2011 Press Luncheon (we're proud to have helped). See the story here for more information.

Huntington Funds earned kudos for its "Advisor Communication Kit," a quarterly guide for advisors that includes items such as market commentary, economic forecasting from Huntington experts, Huntington Funds' investment philosophy, quarterly fact sheets and their most recent media appearances. Huntington's award represented the Introduction Kit category-small companies. (See their press release.
Bringing down the house was Ridgeworth Invesments, who took home NINE awards the following categories- medium companies: Website, Educational Communications (tie), Communications Campaign, Electronic Newsletter, Online Advisor Services, Mobile App, Digital Innovation, Overall Digital/Technology and Overall Communications!

Congratulations to these firms and all the winners for producing industry leading communications to help investors and advisors make good decisions.

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