December 6, 2007

New Survey Identifies B/D Sales Model Changes

by Lisa Cohen, Momentum Partners
We delighted to announce the release of our new study, Investment Product Distribution 2007: A New World Order. We conducted this study in partnership with Registered Rep. Magazine and surveyed 537 Financial Advisors who read Registered Rep. or Trusts and Estates. The study identifies how sales models have changed since the emergence of Broker/Dealer due diligence and revenue sharing disclosure.
The study is extremely valuable to managers and executives who are distributing financial products through financial intermediaries, and is available from us and from the team at Registered Rep.
The study looked for trends among financial advisors and discovered, among others, the following key results:
-Financial advisors seem to be troubled by the product wholesaling model, preferring closer contact with technical experts
-The "Spitzer effect" has made infrastructure more cumbersome, but has not changed advisors' commitment to doing their own due diligence
-Advisors see product ubquity and commoditization as a business development challenge
-Advisors want to do their own research with the help of better tools
To learn more, please give us a call or an email. The order form is also posted online. We look forward to connecting with you.

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