October 2, 2012

Tracking and targeting financial advisors

Beverly Dube and Bob Herrmann
At the 2012 SunStar Strategic Client Conference for Mutual Funds, a resounding theme was the importance of knowing your advisors. Most fund companies, unless they made a concerted effort and invested a fair amount of money, don’t really know who the advisors are that are recommending their funds.  And, without a name and number, how do you say thank you, begin and nurture a relationship, ask for more business and ultimately, find more advisors that look like the ones who already use your funds?

You could be in the right place at the right time. A funny story. One advisor that spoke on a different panel of advisors sought out the company representative of a fund that she is a major investor in. "I didn't know you were an investor," said the fund executive. "Nice to meet you." He learned firsthand how it would be beneficial to have a structured program in place to identify and build relationships with more of his current investors.

Or you could be proactive. Beverly Dube of Celera Systems and Bob Herrmann of Discovery Data work directly with some of the largest mutual fund companies in the industry. SunStar Strategic has formed partnerships with them to offer a preferred product for our clients.
In addition to helping our clients set a strategy to make the best use of this data, SunStar can execute on related marketing programs in addition to serving as the administrator, or middleman between the firm and these service providers.

Celera’s SalesStation pulls together, appends data and scrubs transaction information and related advisor names/IDs from numerous platforms. This information will help you ultimately engage with SunStar and your distributor about marketing programs targeted to your existing client base:
·         Identify your distribution and key partners; who’s selling your funds and where they’re located
·         Establish or begin tracking sales and assets at a territory and channel level
·         Easily view key metrics through dashboards and production reports

This information can be integrated into your existing or Celera’s SalesForce Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) so you can:
·         Integrates producer records, transaction and asset details
·         Helps engage and train wholesalers to use producer data
·         Tracks ongoing sales efforts

Discovery Database tracks and provides detailed information about 630,000 registered reps, 253,000 of whom are both broker/dealers and RIAs. Through the Discovery system, you can find branch location, contact information, employment history, and more. The data often includes links to advisor websites, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. This kind of in-depth information about individual advisors puts you in a position to do intelligent marketing to appropriate groups of advisors

·         Fills in the gaps about the advisors you’ve identified as selling your products: licenses held, activity-level in the market, assets under management, etc.
·         Indentifies and allows you to  download names, emails and phone numbers for  the right prospects based on various criteria, download lead lists, etc.(All importable to SalesForce CRM)
For more information, please contact Dan Sondhelm.

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